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The Master Plan

Sunday, February 28th, 2010

Maximum Respect

What happens when you combine one part Dictator with two parts Fleshtone and a swig of Waxing Poetics? The Master Plan. This is some good partying, hard rockin’ music by seasoned veterans. Comprised of Keith Streng & Bill Milhizer of the Fleshtones, Paul Johnson of Waxing Poetics, the legendary Andy Shernoff of the Dictators (aka: the Christopher Columbus of Punk Rock) on vocals & bass, as well as a guest vocal from the Hoodoo Gurus’ Dave Faulkner, these guys are here to play.

From the opening track BBQ, the Brian Johnson meets screeching chicken hawk lead vocals start rattling your spinal cord and you know this album demands to be played at full volume, played often, and it’s going to be good. The tracks range from Fleshtonesque, to sounding at various points as if my cassette collection from the early 90’s had been ravaged and ransacked, rock demons belching echoes of The Cynics, Teenage Head and mysteriously, The Cars. The songs sound like old friends calling drunk at 4am, and as luck would have it I was awake anyway, contemplating opening the dusty bottle of vermouth hiding in the darkness of an empty liquor cabinet.

At times Maximum Respect is a little over produced for my garage battered brain, but for the most part it’s nearly perfect. The lyrics are dont’ take themselves too seriously and can be pretty funny, but I sometimes wonder if I’d like them better if they were in a language I couldn’t understand very well, maybe something with harsher consonants. For example, “Shake it to the left, you shake it to the right” sung in Welsh “Ysgwyd i’r chwith, i chi ei ysgwyd ar y chwith” or even German, “Shake it auf der linken Seite, schütteln Sie ihn nach links” would sound pretty wicked.

Maximum Respect is The Master Plan’s sophomore album, following 2002’s Colossus of Destiny. This CD will likely be worn out by the time album number three arrives; by that time these warhorses should be nearing rock’n’roll ascension.

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