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Shit Grinder

Sunday, January 10th, 2010

They’ve been described, by themselves, as ‘three bored retards making noise in a garage.‘ The groundbreaking Shit Grinder turtle headed an intense new form of music, a sinister combination of grindcore and fast hardcore which has come to be known as Grind Poop. Influenced by the sounds of Cryptic Slaughter, Napalm Death, Bathtub Shitter, Assuck, Vomit for breakfast, Spazz, Repulsion, Gauze, and Nausea, this new music was destined for…failure.

Unfortunately for the world the short-lived grind poop movement has become not only irregular, but completely constipated. It seems no amount of laxative will flush their creative juices again. When asked what brought about this strained decision the band refused comment, replying only with the ominous statement, “we are no longer a band, its dead. we were horrible anyways. don’t message us about shows, we wont be playing any.”

If you want to relive the glory and magnificence of this Virginia Beach outfit you can still hear memorable compositions such as Poo Poo Vagina VS Retro Hippie and Shit Storm of X on their official site: