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Wednesday, January 6th, 2010

Originality is the key component which sets this groundbreaking group aside from the crowd. Their unique style, vision, and sound are completely new and destined to influence countless artists for generations to come. This new form of music, which I’ve named ‘punk rock,’ will undoubtedly change the face of modern music.

Rocking out of Germany, this band was founded in 2001 to play a wedding party. A few years later they released their debut album Free Phil Spectre, which not only galvanized their unique sound, but single handedly convinced a US jury to pardon Spectre of his murder charges, allowing him to walk away a free man.

In 2007 Axel and Hansi Ramone quit the band. They band recruited the legendary Jenzzzi Ramöne to fill in on bass duties and are still breaking new ground with the lineup of Tommy Ramöne (vocals), Ecki Ramöne(guitar), Marky Ramöne (drums), JayDee Ramöne (guitar).

The only way to get a true taste of these visionaries is to hear them. Since the music is impossible to describe, I recommend starting with their song Merry Christmas, which can be heard on their official myspace site (beware of imitators):

Here comes another Christmas
Snow is falling down like kisses
All is come down on magic street.

The Return of Ramona