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Fudgehog Forever

Wednesday, February 10th, 2010

Are you a fan of:

* strange pasty white men in brightly-coloured tights?
* internet wallpaper that captures the joys of discovering the distort filter in photoshop?
* songs that sound like the demon two-headed love child of a threeway between zappa’s moldy corpse, a blind-drunk primus and early mastodon in heat?
* how about 7-minute epics that consist of five 1-1/2 minute songs thrown into a blender?
* brain damage?

If you answered yes to any or all of these questions, then fudgehog is the answer for you!!!

In the words of the immortal fudgehog:

“Fudgehog is a creature that fills onlookers with the capacity to ponder! The creature is free! Able to run as it pleases with very little fencing keeping it contained!”

Fudgehog currently has one song posted on their myspace page, a 7+ minute ditty called “Hoszko: The Aesthetically Pleasing”. It’s unclear who or what Hoszko is, but I’m pretty sure that Fudgehog has captured the sound of a paranoid schizoid off their meds. Speaking of meds, where did I leave my little red ones??? arrghhhhhh *snuffle* blart ffffffffffffffffffffff….

To learn more about Fudgehog visit their official myspace page: